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Guilford Radiology offers Shoreline-area patients and practitioners excellent service and the highest quality imaging services including X-rays, available by appointment and as a walk-in service.

What is an X-Ray?

When your doctor orders an “X-Ray”, it means that one or more images of a part of the body will be taken. These images are commonly done to show the bones, the heart, the intestines and soft tissues. Just like a camera can take a frontal view or a side view, an X-Ray can do the same. X-Rays work by sending small amounts of radiation through the body. X-Rays are the most frequently used form of medical imaging.

Our X-Ray Machines & Technologists

Our X-Ray machines are “digital”, meaning that we use computers to improve the quality of the images, and at the same time using a lower X-Ray dose. Our knowledgeable, professional technologists will put you at ease and answer all of your questions before the exam.

What to expect

An X-Ray does not require any special preparation. Our technologist will take a brief medical history. You may be asked to remove any clothes with metal buckles, and wear a gown during the exam. You may also be asked to remove jewelry, dentures, eye glasses and any metal objects or clothing that might interfere with the X-Ray images.

During the exam, you will be asked to hold very still and may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds while the X-Ray picture is being taken. The technologist will position you carefully and then will step out of the room to activate the machine. You will then wait for a few moments while the technologist ensures that all of the pictures ordered by your physician were successfully taken.  Women should always inform their physician and X-Ray technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant.

Your results

Your physician will receive a full detailed, written report from one of our highly trained Radiologists, within one day of your exam. Additionally, we can provide you with a copy of your exam results on a CD, in case you would like to bring it with you on your return visit to your doctor.


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