Our Sectra PACs allows our referring physicians access to patient images and reports quickly and securely.  If you have not yet been given a User ID and Password, please call us at 203-453-5123.

Online PACs Access - Click Here

Lite View App Link - Click Here

The first time you run our PACs on a computer, you will need to install several plug-ins. Just click on the Online PACs Access Link above and click "run" when it prompts you.

If you would like to access our PACs using our Citrix gateway, which will allow for faster loading of large image files, and have been given a Citrix User ID and password, click here.  Call us at 203-453-5123 if you need a Citrix User ID or if you have any trouble logging in.

Click for optional additional information:

    Our Installation Instructions are available here.
    Instructions on using our PACs are available here .

Call us at 203-453-5123 if you have any questions.


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